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Using aromatic leptin to lose weight, is using the smell of aromatic leptin to stimulate the brain's full bilge central. By inducing the brain send full bilge signal to suppress appetite, reduce the number of eating to get weight loss effect, Application of aromatic leptin fragrance device is of course the most convenient way of saving trouble. In real life, you can use the food fragrance to increase the effect of aromatic leptin in reducing weight, here are some guidelines:
?  Before eating, fully enjoy food fragrance
?  Chew, chew again
?  Eat hot food
?  Eat fresh food
?  Eat flavor strong food
?  Don't eat too much food each time
?  Reduce the times of eating buffet
?  Carefully taste food
?  Limit their intake of dairy products
?  Limit sugar drinks and add intake of artificial sweetener dietary
?  When you specially desire some food, smell more fragrance of the food

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